Lesotho Part 1 Essay

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Lesotho Annette Reynolds Hum 305 May 24, 2012 Lesotho Lesotho (pronounced le-Soo-too) is often referred to as “The Kingdom in the Sky” (Stoddard, 2012) because it is a very mountainous country with very few low lands. Lesotho is a small country, comparable in size to the state of Maryland, which is land locked and surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. There is a unique and interesting fact about Lesotho; it is the only country in the world that the entire country is over 3,280 feet above sea level (Stoddard, 2012). The estimated population in 2012 is 1,930,493 with a growth rate of .332% (CIA, 2012). The life expectancy in Lesotho is only about 51 years for both men and women. Of the total population 61.1 % are between the ages of 15 and 64, 33.6% are 14 and under leaving only 5.4% over the age of 65 (CIA, 2012). The population in Lesotho has decreased dramatically due to HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is one of the foremost issues in Lesotho at this time with 23.6% of the residents contending with this disease (CIA, 2012). The residents of Lesotho are of Bashotho decent, in fact 99.7% of the population is Sotho with the remaining .3% being Asian and European (CIA, 2012). The county language is Sesotho or Southern Sotho which is spoken in parts of South Africa as well. This country is very homogenous in many areas and has a strong cultural identity, but not a strong national identity because of its location forcing them to be dependent for many things on the Republic of South Africa (“The People…” , 2011). The rugged mountains and gullies make for some spectacular scenic views of flowing rivers and waterfalls which are important water supplies for the surrounding country. The peaks of the Drakensberg and Maluti mountain ranges account for three quarters of Lesotho’s land area (“The People”, 2011).

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