Les Miserable Essay

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Les miserable essay You should not in this world to live up to other people's expectations. People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. Maybe that is because feelings make us vulnerable, weak, some might even say they make us human. That is what Javert was afraid of. He was afraid of seeing things in other people’s perspective, he say things his was and his way only. There was no in the middle for him there was just right and wrong and in Javert’s eyes Jal Val-jean was wrong. Being like Javert can be a very dangerous thing. You miss out on what the purpose of life is and by the time you might realize that it will be too late. Just like how it was for Javert. People are taught to follow the rules at all times when they are small, to never forget to act a certain way, Javert took this a bit too far. He never let himself be wrong or behave in a way that is considered bad in his world, and if he had slip he would even take to himself to punish his mistake. Javert did not believe that people can change. He believed that if you where once a thief you always be a thief. Javert later on realized that people can in deed change. When he saw that the world isn’t just black or white, he couldn’t handle it. He then decided to end his life. When you see the world through such a small point of view, you forget that you can sometimes be wrong. To be always expected to do the right thing is sometimes hard; sometimes you are just unable to be so perfect, People try to hide their imperfections. But they're wrong. Imperfections are something to carry, you might not carry those imperfections out in the opening but they are there, somewhere ready to come out. This is a constant reminder that we are human. We are all bound to make mistakes once or twice in our lives, that is a lessen Javert had yet to learn. I think that Javert had such strong

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