Leroy Brown Character Analysis

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Leroy Brown Since the beginning men have fought, and war has been waged. Some fight for their family, land, or survival. Although, some fight for the sheer fun and pride that comes with it. The first person to pick up on exhibition fighting was Leroy Brown. Leroy was raised up tough, and had to fight to protect what was his. As he got older he grew as did his fighting skills and tenacity. He was said to be meaner than a junkyard dog. So people always tried to take a shot at ole Leroy. When the word started to spread about these fights, more people wanted to get involved. More and more people came to challenge him. Leroy never started a fight, but he never turned one down. His fights began to draw bigger crowds every time, but along with that was harder competition and greater rewards. One of his toughest competitors was Bubba Sparks. Bubba was a country boy from the hills of Tennessee. He earned his reputation when he hogged tied a mountain lion in 4.7 seconds. Bubba was like Leroy in the fact that he wasn`t one for starting fights, but everyone was dying to finally see just who the best fighter around was. The stage was set for the second of November. Both Leroy and Bubba…show more content…
Leroy came out of the gates swinging for the stars. Bubba had seen this many of times, and weathered the storm and countered. Leroy was not using to someone being able to take his punches; he knew he was in for a brawl. Bubba knew he has the advantage if he got Leroy on the ground, as his wrestling skills were much greater. Leroy found out quickly that he was outmatched on the ground so he tried his best to get back to his feet. He eventually made it, but not before Bubba had landed some devastating hammer fists and elbows. Once they were back on their feet Leroy picked Bubba sub-par striking apart. The fight raged on so long they crowds of thousands had completely disappeared. Eventually, both men as prideful as they were knew there was no one superior in this

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