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Leon's Furniture Limited is the largest furnishing retailer in Canada who has built a long history of 102 years and growing in what they do best, offering furniture’s, appliances, and home electronics. The Company was established in 1909, Welland, Ontario and was founded by Ablan Leon. Now, Leon's has expanded its stores across Canada of 36 corporate and 28 franchise stores were established and is owned and operated by the Leon family. Leon’s carry such brands as Frigidaire, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sealy, Simmons, Whirlpool and others. Leon's also wholesales appliances to builders, landlords, and retailers through its Canada appliances division. Leon's Furniture Limited has grown from its beginnings in 1909 in Welland Ontario to become one of Canada's mostly respected retailers. Leon's consistent growth of sales and profit is the envy of other retailers across Canada. The challenges Leon’s faces are a decrease in same store sales; according to our research Leon’s Furniture was down 5.4% in 2009 as compared to a smaller decrease of 5.6% in 2008. The decline is significant because it is a measure of operational productivity. In the case of Leon’s Furniture, some of the decrease may be attributable to the economic decline and the accompanying reduction of construction and home improvement expenditures. The current economic client and comparable store sales figures will force Leon’s Furniture to increase its focus on finding a merchandise mix that attracts more customers. All of Leon’s stores are scattered distribution, if people want to buy any Leon’s products they need cross half town or even more to get there, and it is not convenient for people who want to go to Leon’s. It is too far and inconvenient for them to get to the store and buy. If Leon’s could distribute their large store to small stores, it would make life easier. Leon’s can have sub branch that only

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