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Field trip to Leon Medical Center Florida International University With high expectation, we stepped onto the bus heading to our first hospital field trip----Leon Medical Center, on September 3rd. I always imagine that hospitals in America are just like their country: big, powerful, energetic, and of course, with a tense atmosphere like most hospitals in China and in some medical TV series. However, the first visit has changed some of my viewpoints. The clinic was energetic, but not that big. And it is a place full of advanced technologies, as well as the comfortable, soothing, friendly atmosphere. Leon Medical Centers is not exactly a hospital. It is the Miami's leading healthcare services provider serving Medicare patients since 1996. When I first entered the building, I smelt the aroma of fresh coffee. Our hospital tour guide introduced that every patient who gets health care in this medical center can use all the facilities for free, including the shuttle bus, the cafe, medication delivery, and so on. Then, we walked around the whole building to see more things in detail. Patients who come here can get most of the primary care, like blood test, CT scan, dental care, diabetes treatment, and even some necessary surgeries. All their records are electronic, and that is really amazing. Hence, patients and doctors can see the results immediately on the flat screen. They can even compare X-ray results over the interval of five years. Even if the patient goes to another hospital, electronic records can be sent to them if needed. This really helps the doctors and the elder patients if they had a fracture several years ago and doctors want to find out how they have recovered. I remember when I was an intern in my college’s affiliated hospital in China. I always saw patients come to the hospital with a lot of documents, X-ray or CT results and those patients who had

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