Leon Botstein Analysis

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It’s become quite obvious that “the rules of high school turn out not to be the rules of life” (Source 2). While sources 2-4 each acknowledge this statement, they all believe the American high school education fails to prepare young adults for multiple different reasons. Leon Botstein (Source 2) attributes the poor education to shallow values, while Todd Gitlin (Source 3) claims it’s a lack of content and culture in education, and David S. Broder (Source 4) believes the problem lies in a lack of discipline. All of these problems show that ultimately high school leaves young adults ill-prepared for the real world and workforce and thus I believe a high school that emphasizes vocational education with training in specific job skills and required internships would better prepare me to participate in a global economy. Vocational education emphasizes skills, knowledge, and general know-how for specific jobs. On the contrary, I have to consider the benefits of an education that emphasizes liberal arts. Liberal arts would provide more cultural knowledge and most likely interest more teenagers. This type of education also emphasizes…show more content…
Vocational education thrives off both focus and discipline and thus has already been proven to work and show results, while a liberal arts education has not. A vocational education that relies on discipline was proven to work with a “business-backed” (Source 4) school reform group in Oregon in which “ a single breach of discipline would mean automatic expulsion” (Source 4). According to David S. Broder, “among the first 600 students enrolled, attendance in the first term averaged 92 percent, and 71 percent successfully completed it” (Source 4). Not to mention, most of those participants (nine out of ten) continued in regular community- college classes with “enough college credits to qualify for an associate (two-year) degree” (Source
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