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Leon Battista Alberti Leon Batista Alberti was born in Genoa, Italy into a wealthy Florentine family. His father was a merchant by the name of Lorenzo Alberti and his mother was Bianca Fieschi. Bianca was a Bolognese widow and died during the bubonic plague. Soon after Leon was born the family moved to Venice, where his father started working in a bank with his brother. His father also married again in1408. Alberti went to the school of Gasparino Barzizza in Padua (a city in Northern Italy), where he got only the best kind of education available to an Italian nobleman. He also went to the University of Bologna where he studied law. Leon was a humanist, antiquarian, architect, great horseman, mathematician, art theorist, and “universal man” of the early renaissance. After his father died, Leon was brought in by his uncles, where he wrote his first book, “On the Advantages and Disadvantages of Letters.” He loved to write about classics, things dealing with love, virtues and failed relationships. In 1447 Leon became the papal inspector of monuments and also advised Pope Nicholas V on the new building projects in Rome. He completed many books and buildings before his death on April 25,1472 in Rome. His architecture was and never will be forgotten by the Italian people. Leon Battista Alberti was better known for his architecture than his writings. Because he was an architect, he designed and built a lot of things during his life. After Pope Eugenius IV got driven out of the Holy land in the mid 1430’s, Leon moved to Florence with him where he was appointed canon of the Florentine Cathedral. A canon is a member of a college of priests. It’s an honorary term used for a person, not priest, who does good works in the church. Leon designed a lot of things during his lifetime but these are his most famous works- 1.) The Tempio Malatestiano- A Cathedral Church in

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