Lenovo Swort Analysis

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Tittle: Lenovo and ASUS companies SWOT strategy Name of the Student: University Affiliation: Lenovo and ASUS SWOT Strategy Lenovo Group is a company based in china that manufactures personal computers; IT related products and services in the Asia-pacific region. The company also produces notebook computers, desktops and mobile handsets. The group mainly operates in North America and China. Its headquarters are located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The group has employed about 25,100 people (Datamonitor Business information center, 2007) ASUS is a Taiwanese international computer and electronic company founded in 1989. Its headquarters is located in Beitou district, Taipei, Taiwan dealing with products ranging from desktops, note books, LCD panels and IT related products such as networking equipment. (www.asus.com) Strengths Lenovo is the largest producer of personal computers in the Chinese markets with market share of 25.7% (lenovo group limited, 2007). It has maintained its position as a dominant player in the market despite facing strong competition due to entry of other large multinational players like IBM, Dell and HP. Lenovo’s turnover is exceeding the overall growth of the Chinese PC industry. The group strengthened its position in china by achieving 24% year on year growth due to increased PC shipment. Maintaining the market position helps the company in creating a competitive advantage in the PC market. Lenovo is ranked third in terms sales behind Hewlett Packard and Dell. Following Lenovo acquisition of the IBM personal computing division in 2005 its reputation has improved tremendously for high quality end products. (Mingshir lin,kyriakos Manolis, wanwan yang, 2008) . Staffs inherited from IBM provide valuable experience that a new PC company staffs will not have. The cooperation of IBM and Lenovo brought limited competition for existing and

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