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Lennox Essay

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1. What is the difference between the scp and sftp utilities?   SCP is a secure copy which is transferred from the one network to another network. STFP is a type of network through which a file is transferred.
  2. How can you use ssh to find out who is logged in on a remote system? $ ssh host who
  3. How would you use scp to copy your ~/.bashrc file from the system named plum to the local system? SCP user@plum
  4. How would you use ssh to run xturm on plum and show the display on the local system? $ssh plum xterm
  5. What problem can enabling compression present when you are using ssh to run remote x applications on a local display? The problem that enabling compression prevent when using a ssh to run remote x11 applications on a local display would be that this creates a backup feature. Should the computer crash, all of your work will be saved on the hard drive.
  6. When you try to connect to a remote system using an OpenSSH client and you see a message warning you that the remote host identification has changed, what has happened? What should you do? That he fingerprint of the remote system is not the same as the local system remembers it. Check with the remote systems administrators to find out if something has changed.

  1. By default, email addressed to system goes to root. How would you also save a copy in /var/logs/systemmail? Edit the /etc/aliases file to include the entry below:
system: root, /var/logs/systemmail
  2. How would Max store a copy of his email in ~/mbox and send a copy to max@example.com? $ Cat ~/. Forward
  3. If your firewall allowed only the machine with the IP address to send email outside the network, how you instruct the local copy of sendmail to use this server as a relay? edit the /etc/mail/access and add the following Connect RELAY
  4. What does DNL stand for in the m4 macro language? What are DNL commands used for? It means delete to new line and it is used to...

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