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Lennix Amelia Flynn has spent the majority of her entire life in the spotlight. Born in Los Angeles, California in December to a well known plastic surgeon and a stay at home mom, Lennix came into the world with her twin sister Necole. The twins rounded out the family to make five. However, the twins would soon take over as the most well known Flynn family member. At six months old, the two had their first big break when they were casted in Full House as Michelle Tanner. Fame was something Fredrick never wanted for his children, but as the saying goes – happy wife, happy life. Matilda basked in the light of her children getting the spotlight and being the mother of “Michelle Tanner”. Growing up in front of the camera would seem bizarre to others, but it seemed to be normal life for the two. Their father made sure that if his children were going to be in spotlight that they were going to be protected. He did his best to make them as normal as possible by giving them chores, going to school, and hanging out with their older brother. However, work continued to roll in as the demand for the twins continued. With their father and a skilled entertainment lawyer, the two…show more content…
The two had met on the set of Full House as children and grew up together afterwards. At first she was terrified at the idea of falling for her best friend but after seeing him potentional fall for someone else, she sucked it up and confessed her feelings. Needless to say it worked out in her favor and the two started dating shortly after. Things moved quickly and the two married in secret after being together only for a few months. While some thought it was a crazy idea, Lennix knew in her gut it was the right decision. It’s been over six years and the two are still crazy about one another. In fact, in April 2011, the two welcomed their first child into the world – a little boy named Knox Fredrick

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