Lennie's Monologue From 'Of Mice And Men'

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Initial Contact He aint movin. he’s dead. I killed him. I shot him dead. I know why I did it, the dumb son bitch didn’t listen to me, stay away from that girl I said, she is dangerous I said. But yet he still did it. Goddamn, but I’m sure he didn’t mean no harm. Like I said, he weren’t a bad fella. He was just so strong. Probably just wanted to touch her and she freaked, just like that girl in Weed. But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s dead. And now poor Lennie is too. I looked after him for so long, protected him, defended him, saved him from so much strife. Well its too late now. The others haven’t found him yet, well. Whats left of him anyway. I remember telling Lennie to run here if anything went wrong, to run as fast as his
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