Lenn Goodman Analysis

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Relativism and Morality Introduction In “Some Moral Minima” Lenn Goodman talked about terrorism, murder, rape, slavery, genocide, polygamy, and incest. The subjects he talked about could be looked upon differently and judged differently by an individual. Within this report I am going to explain why I agree with lenn Goodman I will explain why it’s not good to quickly judge individual just because we barley understand them but to judge those that are not morally right. I feel our experiences can be explained in terms of our background and moral beliefs, as well as our immediate experience of emotions of others. * Background and moral beliefs * Immediate experiences with others Background and moral beliefs and immediate Experiences of others Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what’s good or bad, right or wrong I feel most of it comes from persons past experiences, and how they were raised in our society in which we live. Young child moral concepts are not fully developed but are in the process of learning from their parents or whoever is there influencing them as a child. For example, although young children view it as wrong to keep all of the classroom toys to their selves and not share any of them with the other children (Damon 1977, Nucci 1981, Smetana 1981), preschoolers think it is quite all right to keep all of the…show more content…
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