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Did you know that Lemony Snicket, the mysterious writer of The Series of Unfortunate Events book series real name is Daniel Handler? Daniel Handler is a writer of adult novels and didn’t like the way current children’s books were written so he decided to try it out for himself. He is currently living in San Francisco, California. As a child, Handler was born in the year 1970, in San Francisco. He lived with his mother Sandra Handler and his father who was named Lou Handler. During, his childhood Handler was a member of the San Francisco boys’ choir. His mother was an opera singer and he also sang opera in the 80s, his father was a CPA. His parents actually met at an opera. His favorite book as a child was, The Bears Invasion of Sicily by: Dino Buzatti. Today, Daniel Handler is married to a woman named Lisa Brown. They have one child born in 2003. Handler and his family currently live in a Victorian style home on a hill in San Francisco. They moved back to San Francisco after, living in New York for a short period of time. In 2005 he wrote a book called Adverbs. Thirdly, Daniel is most famous for writing, A Series of Unfortunate Events under hi pseudonym Lemony Snicket. This book series is about the dreadful story of three orphans named Sonny, Klaus and Violet Baudelaire. Most, of their misfortunes are due to Count Olaf (their evil fourth cousin three times removed). Count Olaf only wants the orphans for the large inheritance their parents left them. I would recommend this book series to anyone above the age of 10 due to the content Handler warns readers about at the beginning of each of the books. Daniel, has also written other more mature books including: Horseradish, The One Armed Cook, The Basic Eight, and Watch Your Mouth. In conclusion, I think that Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) is a very appealing author. He is an interesting writer and his

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