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It believed that leisure activities bring a lot of advantages in human life; therefore, it plays an important role. There are many ways to do such as going on a picnic, taking a party or going to the zoo. In my opinion, I prefer going to the beach with my family because it helps me reduce stress after the days of hard-working and brings the members of my family together. To begin with, going to the beach provides an opportunity for me to relax after a long-study hours at school. At the seaside, I can play with sand or shingle of the beach. For example, I make mud-pies or build sand-castles, paddle in the puddles of salt water left in the hollows of the rocks; or go shrimping with their little nets and catch crabs. Besides, when the tide rises, it comes the time for bathing. What a joy to see the high waves come with their white crests of foam and to jump just in time to avoid them. Moreover, I like going to the beach with my family because it is a sort of family reunion. Along the main beach, there are numerous small restaurants located on the sand. Each of them has colorful chairs for one to sit in and rest. This is a favorite place for my family to come to in the evening and watch the sunset and enjoy the sea-breeze together. In daily life, we are very busy; so, this occasion we will gather to celebrate reunion meals happily. How funny to see the family take care together. In summary, many people like spend their holidays at the seaside. For me, going to the beach with my family brings a lot of benefits. It not only helps me relax but also brings warm atmosphere for my family. After that I am ready to resume my normal

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