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Modifications for commercial production If my product was made in commercial production I would use the same wood (gelaton) as the quality is of high standard and it can be easily sanded. The main machine I used in the making of my product was the milling machine as that is what made the circles in the base. This construction method would be the same because if you were making in batch then you could create a file on CAD and then straight from there you could be start milling out the circles on the gelaton. You need three pieces of wood each with three circles milled out on each product so you could put a big piece of gelaton wood on the milling machine and the circles could be milled out quick and efficiently as you could be making the pods at the same time on the vacuum former. I would use the same material HIPS for the pods as the colours work well with the wood and it can be used on the vacuum former to create the pods to go over the push lights for my product. Last minute I coated the base of my product with PVA glue mixed with white paint for it to look of higher standard. I wouldn’t change the finish as I think it looks really professional and gives the wood a slight white tint to it which goes well with the colour of the pods when the push lights are turned on. Rather than eight dowel joint holes being drilled out I could have only done four, this would save time and money when in commercial production. The only reason I did eight was because I was just making sure that it was secure enough but I think it would be fine with four altogether. The only electrical equipment included in my product are the push lights, these were fairly cheap but if I made my light in batch production I would need to buy the push lights in bulk as it would be cheaper overall which means the selling price would be cheaper so more students are interested in buying the product

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