Leiningen Versus The Ants Essay

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The Ants are a main character in the story The story is called “Leiningen versus The Ants”, as a class we’ve comfrenced and agreed that Leiningen is a main character. He’s important to the story and that’s why his name is in the title. The ants are also on the title but why aren’t they recognised as main characters. They have any different unique qualities mist ants don’t have, the very first one I saw was their carnivorous attitude. “Ants are vicious” that’s not the kind of thing you here in an everyday conversation. Well, in this story it’s a whole other thing. The ants were main character from the very beginning I just didn’t notice, the Brazilian commissioner arrives at Leiningen’s plantation to. He came to warn him of all the ants ands their evil intentions. This is stated on page 38 paragraph 2 “they’re not creatues... your own plantation”. these creature s presence had a great effect on the peons emotionally and mentally. On page 43 there are 2 quotes representing their fear, these quotes also tell us what the peons thought of these creature from “hell”. Paragraph 3 “The thumb-longed ... host of infinity” and paragraph 4 “Ditch or no ... to your flesh” After thinking all this the peons became tense ad this gave the ants time to think, plan and attack. One peon wasn’t careful enough and it happened, on page 46 paragraph 2 “One man struck ... like a dervish” These ants will torment you, they’ll will eat you alive but they’re more than just vicious they’re intelligent and organised. Leiningen wasn’t use to calling anyone intelligent other than himself and same with their organization. But the ants proved him wrong, from the beginning Leiningen thought

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