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It is important for business professionals to understand the differences between cultures, ethnics and genders in their business. Living in a diverse country it is important for there to be an understanding to help prevent discrimination. Without understanding the differences it would be very difficult to have a successful business or work environment. Each year the population becomes more diverse causing this to become more of an issue in the workforce in the future. (Burns , Barton, and Kerby 2012) If business professionals have a good understanding of the difference cultures especially of those of their employees it would make a better work environment for all and possibly a better chance for more of a work commitment to the employee that feels they are being noticed or included. For example, from experience I know there are a ton of single parent families out there, any help financially or even an onsite child care would be beneficial for both parties. The parent would be more dependable at work knowing they have a place to take their child or children or the financial assistance for child care. In our experiment on being left handed for a day, taught be how big of struggle even the little things can be on a daily basis. Comparing this to the real world and looking at the differences even at my job, I can see how understanding others can be important. I even experienced observing my clinical instructor today at clinical when I noticed she was a “lefty.” As we went about our day and performed procedures when caring for the patients I watched how she approached things. To me, a lot of what she did seemed backwards. For example, the way she wrote she wrote with her wrist bent and above her pen. To me this seems odd and not “normal.” Even doing a simple procedure such as putting an IV in someone, to me the way she positioned was completely backwards and seemed

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