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Lego Stays Competitive After Years of Production This article explained how even after video games were introduced into the market, Legos still stay competitive in the toy industry. Lego blocks first came into existence in 1958 after Danish wooden-toy maker Ole Kirk Christiansen began experimenting with plastics. Since Lego has been around for a few decades, their first round of consumers were kids growing up in the 50’s and they haven’t let go of their childhood addiction. In a way to continue their growing prosperity Lego has teamed up with many middle-aged adults to keep their company afloat. This article relates to economics class by providing examples of how an old toy company stays competitive even against the newest technology. An economic concept I found interesting in the article is how Lego has teamed up with middle-aged people to gain feedback on what they would like to see Lego sell and what would appeal most to Lego enthusiasts. This use of skillful questioning and advertising helped the company immensely and ultimately kept the company going even when its competitors evolved their original ideas. With the popularity of Legos still present in consumers 20 years and older, there has been an abundance of jobs associated with the company because Lego enthusiasts know what kids like to purchase because they were once a kid. Lego has also used the internet to keep consumers buying their product. With interactive sites specifically made for Lego enthusiasts, it keeps the consumers engaged when it comes to the company’s future plans and new installments. After reading and reviewing this article, I learned a lot about how older companies stay competitive in the consumer market even though they are plagued with newer technology from other companies. I also learned that Legos are still consumed by adults that have been avid collectors since the company’s

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