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Originating from the United States of America (Carroll 1999), the idea of corporations explicitly stating and communicating their responsibilities towards society and their stakeholders (Corporate Social Responsibility), specifically in terms of economic, social and environmental issues, has spread to become an increasingly important and, to some extent, even an imperative part of the way organisations worldwide present themselves and their way of doing business today. Although debates over Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have been going on in the US for half a century now (Carroll 1999), it is not until recently, i.e. within the last couple of decades, that they have gained momentum in societies outside the US (Matten & Moon 2008, Matten & Moon 2005) The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, which includes the question of the role and responsibilities of corporations in relation to society, has been discussed immensely by scholars and practitioners for more than half a century in the US and for the last couple of decades in Europe. The common denominator is that CSR cannot be defined in a single universal way as it is highly bound to the culture and national context of the institutional framework in which it is situated. What is considered important in the field of CSR in one country is not necessarily the same in another country which makes CSR such a complex concept (Idowu & Filho 2009). In addition, CSR is also characterised by being a dynamic concept which changes over time according to current trends in societies (Roome 2005). The choice of B2C companies is made based on the assumption that these companies are more extensive in their CSR communication to their stakeholders through the corporate websites due to the close relations with the end-user, compared to business-to-business companies (B2B). The size of the companies

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