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1. Introduction The purpose of this essay is to identify the value of LEGO produces, the core competency that produces this value and the key activities that give LEGO this competence. Hence describing the value that LEGO created becomes valuable as a result of its factors in the general and industry environment. 2. Value of LEGO The value of LEGO is not about the technology but the accessibility to everyone. Not only the plastic bricks are well love by children but also well love by parents. What generally keeps people from purchasing LEGO is the versatility of the bricks. What exactly appeals to consumer about LEGO is a purchase could actually create years of fun, it encourages creativity, brings family together and to some building the LEGO pieces could actually be therapeutic. 3. PEST Analysis To better understand the industry, a PEST analysis is presented below. CONTEXT | TRENDS | POSITIVE IMPACT | NEGATIVE IMPACT | Political | * National regulations to promote safer toys for children. * High import taxes in developing economies. | * Taxes in product imports from other regions. | * Cost increase * Need to produce locally. | Economic | * Global economy slow down * High growth of middle-class in emerging countries. | * New middle-class families with share of wallet for toys. | * Market decrease in developed countries. | Social-Cultural | * Pressure to use environmental friendly and educational toys. * Digitally educated children | * Leverage on company culture. * Perfect for LEGO toys. * Opportunity to sell LEGO games. | * Cost increase * Competition from games. | Technological | * Internet availability. * Smart mobile devices usage. * New 3D printing technology. | * Be close to consumer * Opportunity to create new market space. | * Difficult to protect intellectual

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