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I. Introduction Lego is the one of the most famous corporate about children toy, specializing on bricks to rearrange into a model sets such as a building, a car, or anything around us. Lego was born in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen with wooden toys. Experiencing many difficulties, Lego began to produce production of plastic toys in 1947. Lego is the most important product of the company. It concludes many other various color bricks. From the beginning of production of plastic bricks, the Lego Group has launched thousands of Lego into the market with rich topics, containing town and city Lego, Lego space, Lego pirates, Lego car motor, Lego robotics, Lego dinosaur, Lego train, Lego vikings, Lego castle, Lego explore the ocean, Lego wild west. There are many new factors which are often released along with the new toys. Now, they have designed Lego sets to appeal to girls’ need as the Belville line of products and any parts which are installed Clikit small section of the end joints to stimulate creativity, art and craft skills of children than the conventional bricks. After 70 years of developing continuously, Lego started appearing some lost accounts in 1998. Then they began carrying out the innovation strategy to recover the lost, and increase again. To understand more about the innovation of Lego , the author will go to discuss and evaluate Lego’s stratefy in 2012. II. The factors affected to Lego’ innovation in 2012 Each company increases or decreases, it also has the reasons, which normally are from inside and outside the firm. The environment influencing on the Lego’s innovation can be showed by the PEST framework. This framework is talked about ““categories environmental influences into six main types: political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal” by Porter. Making the PEST analysis we mainly focus on four areas of interests, these are:

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