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------------------------------------------------- Communicating design ideas BAQIR ISMAIL ------------------------------------------------- Communicating design ideas BAQIR ISMAIL INDIVIDUAL WRITINIG PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT 1 INDIVIDUAL WRITINIG PORTFOLIO CONTENT * A4 COLLAGE * ARTIST STATEMENT * EXPOSITORY ESSAY * CRITICAL READING LIST * PEER REVIEW COLLAGE ARTIST STATEMENT “Putting together ideas with both imagination and creativity” That would be the ideal quote to represent my collage. The very reason why this quote is suitable is due to the fact that it explains everything inside the collage. It conveys the message of what the collage is trying to bring out and express. Every picture sets a trend, showing how LEGO tip the scales against other ever growing toy industries. I will go in depth on how the collage relates to the quote, and in addition, explain the significant parts found in the collage. Simply, the collage is made up of different pictures showing different forms of LEGO items, forming itself into a shape also known as HUMAN SYNERGY. Each hand has a deep purpose to it and so do the pictures found in each hand. On the outskirts of the left hand, shows olden blocks of LEGO. It is then transformed into a human figure, also known as mini figurines. These mini figurines slowly begin to become more complex. They are then known as Bionicles. Bionicles look very much like aliens, something that we have never really seen or heard of before. However, we still came up with the figures and facial expressions. How is this possible then? Well, this is the process of imagination. From simple blocks of LEGO, A complex looking humanoid can be created solely on imagination. These different figurines are then being put together to look like a hand, and on this collage, it is the left hand. All in all, the left hand

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