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Winther re-examniation 2011 1) Invitation letter to Vince Robino 2nd December 2010 Vince Robino XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Dear Mr. Robino I send you this letter because I want to invite you to the International Space Station in February 2011. The purpose with this event is to show how great our partnership with NASA is going, and to inspire children to explore science, technology, engineering and math. To do this we have a lot of activities flown to the International Space Station in February 2011. These activities will be build by astronauts and afterwards be available at the Internet. We will with these activities try to make an exploration of the daily life at the station and to show the effect of microgravity. This will hopefully help the kids to be inspired and their creativity will be challenged. As you know, we make an effort in inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow, and with this partnership, where there is a great mix of the excitement of NASA’s missions and the iconic LEGO bricks, it will hopefully release the children’s potential to shape their own future. A child who plays with LEGO bricks today can become the NASA astronaut or engineer of tomorrow. There is no doubt about that this partnership with NASA will lead us to success. As you know over the previous five years we have seen continued growth here at LEGO. Sales have increased even though the global toy market has been stagnant in a very long time. Because we are doing so well at the moment we expect the growth in sales to continue in the future. We have to be realistic and make an effort in keeping this growth. Therefore we have defined a few growth initiatives to make the growth continue. The plan is to increase the market share in USA and in Eastern Europe. We are doing well in both parts of the world but we want to be further increased in the coming

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