Legislation & Policy - a Specific Focus on Safeguarding

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Regnum – 125112 Integrated Children’s Services Legislation and Policy A specific focus on safeguarding 15Fl200 November 2013 Contents Title page Page 1 Contents page Page 2 ICS Legislation and Policy – A specific focus on safe-guarding Pages 3 - 11 References * Websites Page 12 * Books Page 13 * Reports Page 14 List of Appendices Page 15 Aims and objectives My aim is to study legislation and policy surrounding safeguarding and evaluate the impact this has on people working within Integrated Children’s Services and the families it is designed to protect. I will reference this to documents I have read such as:- * Early Years Foundation Stage (2012) - EYFS * Working Together to Safeguard Children (2013) - WTSC * Daniel Pelka Serious Case Review (2013) * The Munro Review of Child Protection: Final Report (2011) I will evaluate why child protection problems still recur and recommend changes to my workplace practice, which could prevent these happening again in the future. Introduction My role in Children’s Services I work within the Early Years and Childcare sector of Children’s Services. My role is to train and advise Childcare practitioners on how to meet the requirements of EYFS (2012). EYFS safeguarding and welfare requirements are ‘designed to help providers create high quality settings where they take all necessary steps to keep children safe’ EYFS (2012:13). My Local Authority (LA) provide free safeguarding training that all practitioners should update every three years; this teaches them how to identify, understand and respond appropriately to signs of possible abuse and gives clear guidance on how to write an effective safeguarding policy which will help to protect themselves from allegations of abuse. What is ‘safeguarding’ In
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