Legislation and Codes Essay

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Assignment 204 Task B c) An explanation of how the legislation and codes of practice apply to your personal work role. Each school must produce a range of policies which set out guidelines and procedures. It is helpful to gain an understanding of legislation and the purpose of it, detailed knowledge of each one however you should know and understand the legal duties of the school. This understanding will help in the work role. Assignment 204 Task A 2) The candidate is required to research and identify the policies on equality, diversity and inclusion for a school with which they are familiar and briefly summarise the main points. In addition the candidate should evaluate the various reading materials, posters and other resources available in the schools library and classrooms and write brief answers to the following questions. a) Do the schools policies work in practice? b) Do the materials reflect a range of culture positive role models and disabilities? 3) The candidate is required to explain briefly why a school with a culturally rich background can benefit all children. In addition the candidate should explain how the school with which they are familiar achieves this and how it could improve. Assignment 204 Task B The candidate is required to complete answers to the following. 1) Complete the following table identifying which statements represent the social model of disability. Give reasons in the final column |statement |Social/medical |Why? | |‘If he’s in a wheelchair, im sorry | | | |we will not be able to take him to |
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