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[pic][pic] • An Act is a Must Do. It is laid down by government and we have no choice. • A Policy is put in place to help your organisation meet the Act • A Procedure is the practical aspects that you as carers must follow to meet the Act/Policy A policy is a course of action which has been laid down by the organisation, and is based on law issued by the various government departments. A procedure is the correct method of practically applying the policy. The Rights of Individuals and Codes of Practice 1a. Health and Social Care Act 2008 |Explain this Act? | |The Act was introduced in November 2007. When the Act was established it commissioned the “Care Quality Commission” to regulate all | |health and adult care services, including the NHS. Also, it was bought in to make provisions regarding reviews / investigations into | |Social Care under the Mental Health Act 1983. It is to establish provisions regarding regulations of health care professions, to modify | |the regulation of social workers and to amend the Public Health Act 1984. Also, to provide a grant for women in connection with | |pregnancy, amend functions under the Health Protection Agency. All in connection with an office of health care professions. | 1b. Care Quality Commission (CQC) | What does it mean to you? | |CQC is an independent regulator of all social and health services in England. Within my role as a carer I will need to be aware of the | |CQCs care standards when assisting individuals

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