Legionnaire's Gauntlets

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You need to go defend his shipment astral diamonds neverwinter from drowners. That's pretty easy. You'll note that skills tend to have a line extending upwards from them to another skill. Say you level the skill at the bottom and then choose to invest points into the one just above it (connected by a line going up), the above skill will modify the one below. Legionnaire's Gauntlets This has 615 armor and stat buffs of +2 to ignore pain, +2 to armor handling, +350 to health, +38 to strength, 51% life leech resistance, 58% bleeding resistance, 61% poison resistance, and +6% armor protection. It has a character level of 47 and a strength of 590.. And husband Barry Wight of Gorham; seven grandchildren, Jeffrey Blaisdell, Karen Faiman, Lewis…show more content…
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