Legionnaires Disease Essay

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e Disease Name Legionnaires Disease Causative Agent The causative agent for the Legionnaires Disease is the bacteria called Legionella. These bacteria are naturally found in the environment, most especially in water. The bacteria grow best in warm water. Sometimes it can be found in cooling towers, hot tubs, hot water tanks, large plumbing systems, or even parts of some air – conditioning systems of large buildings. However, these bacteria do not grow in the air – conditioners in cars or windows (Centers for Disease Control, 2011). The Legionella species is a group of intracellular pathogens which survive well in aquatic environments. There are different species and serotypes of Legionella. The one that is responsible for most of the lower respiratory tract infections is the L.pneumophila serotype 1. There are other human pathogens which were documented as members also of the Legionella species. This was discovered based on the isolation from clinical material (The Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, 2003). The two major clinical manifestations of infection from the Legionella bacteria are the Pontiac fever and the Legionnaires’ disease. This disease may be sporadic or epidemic. Also, it may also be nosocomial or community acquired. An outbreak of this disease which happened in the year 2003 in France was linked with the cooling towers on a plant building. This is because most of the cases occurred in locations 6 km from the plant (The Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, 2003). Reservoir The Legionella bacteria are able to spread rapidly in water systems if provided with the right conditions. The places which are usually affected by this disease are museums, hotels, hospitals and office blocks. This is because most of these large buildings contain larger and more complex water supply systems wherein the bacteria can

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