Legends of the Fall Film Critique

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Simon 1 Final Film Critique on Legends of the Fall Angel Simon Professor Hinton Eng 225: Introduction to Film August 6, 2012 Simon 2 Every now and then a movie is created that strikes so many chords with humanity and the way we feel and look at our lives that it makes an impact not only in the film industry but society as well. Such a film was Legends of the Fall. Legends of the Fall is a grand story about the lives of the Ludlow family, Colonel Ludlow, the patriarch and his the three sons Alfred, Tristan as well as Samuel and their common love for one woman named Susanna. Over the years their lives progress and we follow them through their journeys. The films’ storytelling, acting, cinematography, editing, sound and other critical analysis make it an unforgettable film. I will endeavor to explain how these cinematic components make Legends of the Fall such an unforgettable film and how it makes us reflect on how beautiful life can be yet devastating at the same time. Legends of the Fall follows the lives of the Ludlow family after Colonel Ludlow retires to a remote part of Montana where his family and his Cree friend One Stab build a ranch. Colonel Ludlow’s wife Isabelle Ludlow decides that the winters are much too harsh for her there so she goes to the east coast seeking warmer weather, leaving Colonel Ludlow to raise his three sons Alfred, Tristan and Samuel on his own. Other characters in the film also include Susannah Fincannon, Samuel’s college sweetheart and fiancée as well as the ranch hand Decker, his Cree wife Pet Decker and their daughter Isabel II. Each brother has a different personality making him a unique character in himself. Alfred is the responsible one, always cautious and looking out for the

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