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Black and gold, the colors are undeniably related to Steeler nation. Created in 1933 by Art Rooney, and originally named the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Steelers had a rough start with merging teams, new direction, and a lot of losing seasons. The franchise caught their first big break in 1969 with the hiring of legendary head coach Chuck Noll. Noll was famously known for his draft selections. He went on to draft near 9 Hall of Famers. The 74’ draft considered to be the best with 4 of the Steelers picks going on to become future members of the elite gold jacket wearing legends. The Steelers are considered by some to be the team of the 70’s. Pittsburgh created a legendary NFL dynasty including 8 post-season appearances and 4 super…show more content…
The Steelers needed new blood and in order to satisfy that need,with the acquisition of head coach Bill Cowher in 1992. Cowher replaced Noll, and really took the Steelers to new heights. Cowher reached the playoffs a total of 10 times in 15 seasons, and to 2 super bowl games, one of which he was victorious. With that win the Steelers became the 3rd team in NFL history to achieve the most super bowl wins. Five. Cowher drafted an extremely strong team, pro-bowl players like troy Polamalu, Jerome Bettis, Joey Porter and Willie Parker. For seasons the Steelers were one of the most feared teams in the NFL. Head coach Bill Cowher retired in 2007, and is most likely to be a hall of fame member in 2012 when he becomes eligible. Like all Franchises teams rise and fall and become strong and weak with time and players, but no team has been able to accomplish what the Steelers accomplished in their career as a football team. From expert analysists, and football lovers worldwide, victory is the way of life for the black and gold. 5 wins in the book, and the Steelers are tied with the Cowboys and 49ers as the best NFL teams in history. With the loss of coach…show more content…
The team won twenty World Series titles from 1923-1962 including four in a row from 1950-1953. After winning four more titles between 1956 and 1962 the team started to face its first World Series drought. In 1964 the team was sold to CBS for $11.2 million. That is when the teams decline began. With the new ownership, the team began to decline. In fact, the Yankees finished in the second division for the first time in 40 years in 1965. In 1966, the Yankees finished last in the AL for the first time since 1912. 2–0 lead, but in the seventh inning, light-hitting Yankee shortstop Bucky Dent drove a three-run home run over the "Green Monster" (Fenway Park's famed left field wall), putting the Yankees up 3–2 and lifting them to a victory and another playoff birth. After beating the Kansas City Royals for the third consecutive year in the ALCS, the Yankees faced the Dodgers again in the World Series. They lost the first two games in LA, but won all three games at Yankee Stadium and won Game 6 in Los Angeles, winning their 22nd World

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