Legend of Saint Germain

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“Mystery of the Count of Saint Germain” Is it humanly possible that a man can live forever? According to many, Count de Saint-Germain achieved this miraculous claim. Records date his birth to around the 1600’s. However, some believe he existed during the time of Christ. His amazing appearances over the centuries have made him one of Europe’s most mysterious men. Marlin Bressi states in her article, “Some even believed him to be the mythical "Wandering Jew", who ridiculed Jesus on the way to the crucifixion and was cursed to roam the earth until the Second Coming.” Appearing many times throughout history, Count de Saint-Germain always appears to only be around 45 years old. He never seems to age as people seem him progress through life. His miraculous appearances throughout history have puzzled historians for a long time now. Saint Germain led a life full of mystery that still baffles many today. No one has ever been able to identify when Count Saint Germain was born. Several accounts date him being born to the Prince of Transylvania, Francis Racoczi II in 1960. Other accounts believe him to have watched Jesus turn water into wine at Cana. He was well educated and, for a period of time, wealthy. However, he was never reported to have a bank account anywhere. Fluent in German, English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, Saint Germain was very well educated. He courted Europe’s rich and famous for what is said to be hundreds of years. His impeccable manners allowed him to fit into any circle regardless of the fact that he came without any letter of introduction. He spoke so vividly of previous times it is hard for one not to believe he had to have been there. He was believed to have discovered the secret to long life and wealth. Count Saint Germain’s stories unfold several mysteries. He would dine out but never eat, because he mainly just enjoyed the company. He

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