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Legend Of Kagutaba Village Essay

  • Submitted by: adibayor93
  • on February 15, 2010
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Chapter 1: Kagutaba Village

Once there was an old woman, Ishii Junko living with her 6 years-old son,named Koga.They lived at the end of a village called Kagutaba Village. She used to be a friendly and nice neighbour before everything changed after her husband had died from a mysterious disease that had flew throughout the country many years ago.It had caused her to suffered a brain damage. Eventually Ishii had became insane and always talk by herself even when no one was around,as some of the villagers asserted. The woman and her son then moved further away from the village near the forest,where a friend of her had build a small cottage for her family to live.

The disease soon struck Kagutaba Village that was specially affected disastrously,causing some 200,half of its population had died from the illness.Soon,exodus occurred. Many people who were poor farmers moved to the nearest village,the Kajimata Village as they had no money and transportations to the town. Some of them preferred moving to their relatives and close friends to avoid the mysterious disease to infect them instead.

Kagutaba Village had been classified as the 'black zone' by the government as what the disease had done its people. However,things got even worse when some of the villagers refused to evacuate.They intended to stay at their home,including Ishii with her child.They insisted that the mysterious disease had alleviated and they had no relatives to live with if they move to other places. They were right at that point,but something more horrible was waiting...

Six years later,the mysterious disease soon forgotten,except for the people of Kagutaba Village,which were affected the worst. But the village had risen. The people worked hard to redevelop the village and more farms were producet to increase their economic status.It brought benefit though as the village has been known for it's fresh vegetables and fruits. Everything was going fine until one night,a tragedy happened; Ishii...

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