Legend of Chang-E, the Moon Goddess

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Legend of Chang-e, the Moon Goddess Chang-e is a very little lovely and hard-working village girl, with a bright golden-like heart. She is always trying her best to help people around her without any return. Also, she falls in love with a brave boy, Houyi, which is a skillful archer. The life is very peaceful and sweet. One day, Chang-e washes clothes in the bank of a river with her girlfriends. Suddenly, one concupiscent and evil River Monster roams and arrives here. When he sees Chang-e’s beautiful appearance, he becomes a very handsome boy and he wants to win her heart. However, Chang-e has no interest in him and goes away. At that time, River Monster turns into his real appearance and wants to pull her into the water. Suddenly, Chang-e’s boyfriend shows up and shoots one the River Monster’s eyes. The River Monster feels painful and achy, and then he jumps into the river. After this matter, Chang-e and Houyi are afraid of happening same things. Then they get married and the life recovers into peaceful and quiet. After several months, happy life goes to the end. The River Monster is very angry, and he decides to revenge. One day, the sky appearance ten suns and the field begin to catch fire. Afterwards, the River Monster announces that it is because of Houyi, so all the people blame and trouble him unless Houyi can shoot the other nine suns. Houyi is very puzzled and restless, so he even cannot shoot one sun. One day, a goddess cannot tolerate it and tries to help Houyi. He gives Houyi a magical pill and tells Houyi that he can get rid of all the troubles and goes into the moon after eating this pill, but he will take on endlessly lonely. After hearing this, he comes back home and tells everything to Chang-e, then he sleeps deeply because he hasn’t had a good sleep since the thing happened. After hearing this, Chang-e thinks a lot. She has watched
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