Legalizing Prostitution In Australia

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Prostitution is factually the oldest profession known to man, dating back as far as the written word is recorded (Wikipedia, 2007). In many countries, such as Canada, laws are in place to discourage prostitution; however these laws have not been successful. Sex workers work perhaps the most dangerous job out there. Violence, rape and robbery occur often and a woman never knows just who might be dangerous or violent (Farley & Barkan, 1998). Evidence collected in an interview in San Francisco showed that “as adults in prostitution, 82% had been physically assaulted; 83% had been threatened with a weapon; 68% had been raped while working as prostitutes” (Farley & Barkan, 1998). Laws prohibiting prostitution act as a means for police to respond…show more content…
Sex workers are looked at as just that, sex workers, and not women who have chosen a perhaps morally questionable means of employment. This negative viewpoint allows for the mistreatment and verbal abuse of these women by police on the streets of Halifax and the world. The legalization of prostitution could help to define protection rights for these women and in doing so generate a very lucrative occupation which would be much safer. The economic benefit of taxing this employment could have positive attributes on provincial and federal governments. Other countries such as Hungary and Australia have legalized prostitution with positive results. The legalization of prostitution is perhaps the most obvious way to bring some safety to an otherwise dangerous…show more content…
They come down on both sides of the argument. Some feel that the legalization of prostitution would make sense because the laws against it are ridiculous. Margo St. James asserts that “it's perfectly legal--in this state anyway--for a woman to have sex with anyone she chooses, at any time. But the minute five cents changes hands--then boom! She's a whore, and she goes to jail. It's ludicrous." This point is easy to understand, many women who aren’t actually prostitutes engage in similar behavior to that of sex trade workers without making a profit at all. However, when women do try to turn a profit for this behavior that isn’t illegal, they find themselves a target of law

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