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Legalization of Marijuana: The legalization of drugs has been an issue facing America for over a hundred years. Although alcohol and cigarettes are legal, many other drugs, such as marijuana are not. In 1919 when the sale and consumption of alcohol was made illegal, crime rates rose traumatically, and the economy did the opposite and fell dramatically. Today America’s crime rates are higher then ever, the economy is now showing signs of falling into another depression and the prices of synthetic drugs are on the rise. The medicinal benefits of marijuana are endless, if only the drug was legalized. Researching this controversial topic, I came to the conclusion that the laws making marijuana illegal should be amended to make the “herb” legal. Everyone could benefit. When the prohibition law against alcohol was signed, it became clear that the law was hurting the economy dramatically, and although alcohol was illegal people were still drinking it. This only created a crime wave of boot-legers and gangs; who all profited off of the law. The question comes to mind, “isn’t this what is happening now, drug dealers and violent gangs profiting off of the distributions of marijuana?” The answer is yes, and one has to ask them selves what is worse, supporting felons and murderers, or legalizing a drug that shows no major side effects? People get murdered every year because of the sale of drugs; I have seen families suffer because their child, who was taking the easy way to riches, was shot and robbed. If marijuana were legalized, there would be one less reason for someone to take another’s life. A study done by the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) and the NIAA (National Institute on Alcoholism) found that Two hundred and forty six billion dollars were spent on the alcohol and drug abuse programs in 1992, (this is tax payer money). An interesting fact is that

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