Legalizing Marijuana Essay

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Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana has been illegal on a federal level within the United States dating back to the 1930s. Not only is it illegal, but it is classified as a Schedule I drug under federal law, along with some of the most harmful drugs known to man. Such as, heroin, MDMA, LSD and even bath salts! Not even cocaine, certain methamphetamines or opioids are classified under federal law to be as dangerous as marijuana. According to regulations set forth by the Drug Enforcement Agency, otherwise known as the DEA, to meet the criteria of being categorized as a Schedule I drug, the substance must have a high potential for abuse and have no currently accepted medical treatment. Well as some of you may already know, 23 states, dating back to the 90s, have taken it upon themselves to legalize marijuana for a medicinal purpose, and even 2 states, Washington and Colorado, have voted in legislation to legalize marijuana on a recreational level, and many more are to come. However, this is a complete and total contradiction to the second criteria that needs to be met of the classification of a Schedule I drug! Now being a young adult and having my own experiences with this plant and knowing its effects on others. The fact that this plant hasn’t been legalized yet just baffles me! Why is it that this drug has become illegal all over the world? The debate to legalize marijuana in the United States has been fought over nonstop since its existence, despite the tests and analysis of the benefits of legalizing it. There are far more dangerous things that are legal in this country, such as nicotine, alcohol and prescription painkillers, that kill more people in one year than marijuana has since the beginning of its existence. There are so many reasons for the federal government in favor to legalize marijuana, both on a medicinal and recreational level, that hopefully sometime

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