Legalizing Marijuana Essay

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Legalizing marijuana is a topic every American should consider. The reason being is it would benefit Americans in many ways and it can affect Americans in many ways. Some ways for it are, there would be less crowding in jails, it would create more tax income, it would cut down the amount of crime in the country, and it could diminish or even delete the nation’s debt. The reasons against it are that, it often disables the user’s short-term memory and may cause trouble with challenging tasks, persons timing and coordination are normally delayed, and the effect marijuana can have on the brain and central nervous system. These reasons will be explained so Americans will know more about this topic. First, marijuana becoming legalized would be beneficial to the United States because it would reduce the crowding in jails. In 1998 alone nearly 750,000 Americans were arrested for minor marijuana possessions. If this number was eliminated it would greatly reduce the crowding problems in already minimally spaced jails. This would also reduce taxes because the money needed to house these inmates wouldn’t be needed. Just think of all those drug dealers and users that got caught with marijuana in our jails would be free. 829,625 people were arrested for marijuana violations in 2006 it went up almost 80,000 since 1998. Of those charged with marijuana violations, approximately 89 percent, 738,915 Americans were charged with possession only. There would be fewer men in prisons because they wouldn’t have to illegally sell or use marijuana. So there would be less prison guards to watch prisoners which would save tax payers money. So next time just think how much money you would be saving when you see that drug dealer on the news get convicted of 12 years in prison. That is 13,140 meals that you as a tax payer are paying for. Not including any medication that he might need throughout

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