Legalizing Illegal Immigrants Debate Outline

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Side A: Outline 1. The legalization of illegal immigrants will lead to increases in tax revenue for governments a. Legalizing the millions of illegal immigrants and requiring that they pay taxes shows that there is an untapped source of money b. This will help drive the deficit down tremendously 2. Remittances will help develop in the immigrant’s home countries a. Earlier in the semester we talked about the importance of identity and reciprocity. With immigrants sending money to their families, this will improve the quality of life and help strengthen the global economy 3. Illegal immigrants are essential to the U.S. workforce a. Immigrants have been the backbone of this country’s agriculture and construction structure b. If there were labor shortages, it would drive up costs for Americans and weaken the economy Side B: Outline 1. Granting citizenship awards illegal behavior a. There is unfairness to the system to many legal citizens who took the long, proper steps towards citizenships. b. Disregarding illegal behaviors will become a norm and bring up a chain effect of other tolerated illegal behaviors. 2. Illegal immigrants compete for jobs in difficult economic times a. During economic downturns, there is an evident increase in job layoffs and job losses resulting with more people competing for jobs, illegal immigrants will be a burden adding on to the list of jobless people. b. Many times, like in California, these illegal immigrants are very skilled linguistically and are highly considered more for jobs due to their ability to reach out to a broader base rather than the average American who only speaks 1 language. 3. Increases in immigration resulting from the policy would create security risks a. The growth of global terrorism becomes a factor due to the encouragement of more immigration due to an easier path to citizenship;

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