Legalizing Drugs: A Stance For Consideration

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Lind 1 Kara Lind Professor C. Spence Outline, Persuasive Speech October 13, 2008 Legalizing Drugs: A Stance for Consideration So far this year, about one and a half million people were arrested for Drug Law Offenses. Six hundred thousand were arrested for cannabis or marijuana law offences. Since December 31, 1995, the U.S. prison population has grown an average of 43,266 inmates per year. About 25 per cent are sentenced for drug law violations. Someone is arrested for violating a drug law every 17 seconds. The War on Drugs is a major economic issue in the United States. This war has made nothing better. In fact, it has been a disaster. It costs a lot of money, it does a lot of damage, and it does not have much effect on either the supply or the demand for drugs. America needs to legalize drugs so that we can focus on and address the real issues of why people are using them in the first place. The criminal market place must be eliminated. Legalizing drugs would massively reduce crime. America must restore its rights and responsibilities. Prohibition does not work. There would not be a criminal market place if drugs, all drugs including designer drugs, were legal. In an article titled, “10 Reasons to Legalize Drugs” it stated that “The market for drugs is demand-led and millions of people demand illegal drugs.” Crime would be reduced tremendously. Most of the violence associated with Lind 2 illegal drug dealing is caused by its illegality. Drugs are being smuggled in from out of the country and they are being illegally sold on the streets. If drugs were legal, this would not be happening. As with alcohol laws, people would not be treated as
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