Legalization of Medical Marijuana for Children Essay

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The Legalization of Medical Marijuana for Children Stephanie Tyra Williams Devry University America has a decision to make. The verdict has come in. The work has been done. The results have been favorable. It’s time to consider all the benefits of legalizing medical marijuana especially to relieve the pain, suffering and even death of our nation’s most precious treasure, “the children”. Children have been suffering from autism, ADHD, epilepsy, mood disorders, seizures and dying for far too long. The need and request to legalize medical marijuana is basically a no brainer because of all the documented research. Of course there will always be those who are opposed to the use of anything considered to be drug related based on the stigma already placed on it, but the benefits of this drug speaks for itself. So, all of those who disagree with the use of medical marijuana should just consider the facts and look at the evidence. Medical marijuana has been researched, applied and proven to be affective in the treatment of seizures and other medical ailments in many states where it has been legalized. Currently medical marijuana has already been legalized in 24 states and 3 are pending legislation. This shows that a lot more people are doing research on the effects of medical marijuana. Furthermore proving why medical marijuana is beneficial in the world of medicine today for cures and relief of pain in childhood diseases and other medical ailments. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a practicing neurosurgeon and CNN's chief medical correspondent wrote, “It's been eight months since I last wrote about medical marijuana, apologizing for having not dug deeply into the beneficial effects of this plant and for writing articles dismissing its potential. I apologized for my own role in previously misleading people, and I feel very badly that people have suffered for too
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