Legalization Of Marijuana Prohibition In The United States

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Kevin Reeves Philosophy Essay People who support marijuana prohibition do so unjustly with little, no, or even false justification to support their beliefs. They say we need to keep marijuana illegal to keep our society from the terrible addiction and hardships it causes. These arguments are not consistent with the fact that the two most deadly drugs in America are legal. Alcohol and tobacco lead the way in American deaths every year, killing on average nearly 500,000 people annually. It has yet to be reported that anyone has ever died from using marijuana. By examining how marijuana became illegal, by setting straight some of the most common myths and misconceptions held against it, and by addressing the real problem about marijuana,…show more content…
The marijuana prohibition was enacted in 1937, just three years after the alcohol prohibition ended. After a failed attempt with alcohol, the government must have felt they needed to try and take away another civil liberty, so they tried it on the new popular drug of the time, marijuana. During that period the people were glad to be ridden of the gang violence, notorious of the 1920’s and 1930’s, so they went along with most of what the government said and did, thus making marijuana illegal. Many people also speculate that racism was a large factor in the illegalization of marijuana, as many Mexican workers and black jazz musicians favored using it. In most states it was and still is a felony to posses any marijuana or paraphernalia. A felony means mandatory jail time, huge fees, you can’t poses guns, and many businesses will not hire, not to mention all the other strict stipulations surrounding a conviction of a felony. Does it not seem extreme that a teacher would go to jail for smoking a joint, while rapists, thieves, and even worse criminals get off with probation. The current marijuana policies are in no way effective, menacing at best, ruining the lives of good citizens throughout our community. Prohibition has never helped, in any country, to solve or aid in the effort of cutting down marijuana use. As we have seen in the past, prohibition only causes more…show more content…
This claim is not sound because health considerations are a good reason to convince people not to smoke it, but there is not sufficient evidence to justify making it illegal. The only way that marijuana even poses a health threat is when it is smoked. Though with anything smoked it is a health hazard because of the carbon produced. Marijuana can be safely ingested or vaporized, eliminating all potential health risks. A study done at UCLA indicated that heavy marijuana smokers showed less lung injury than tobacco smokers. The myth that one joint equals 10 cigarettes no longer holds up, as it has been proven wrong over and over

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