Legalization Of Marijuana In Oregon: Case Study

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The July 9, 2008 online edition of Salem-News features Tim King's story on a proposed law that would legalize the sale of marijuana purchased in liquor stores. The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act would make marijuana legal and available in a controled retail environment, much like the sale of liquor. Supporters of this proposed law claim that the legalization of marijuana in Oregon would generate millions of tax dollars, whoch could save the state's current unstable economy. They say it would lower the statess tax burden while generating revenue that would be used for drug abuse education and treatment programs. Another good point is that the legalization of marijuana in Oregon could re-establish the use of industrial hemp, which is a productive…show more content…
The Cannabis Tax Act would free up law enforcement to concentrate on more serious criminals that are dangerous to society. The legalization of marijuana in Oregon would not be without stipulations. Much like alcohol, marijuana would only be available for purchase to consumers over the age of 21. Farmers would also be required to obtain a license before they could grow and sell the substance for adult consumption and medicinal use. I realize that there will always be people who will abuse the substance, just as there are those who abuse alcohol. With any mind-altering substance, moderation is key. I realize that simply legalizing marijuana will not be nearly as easy to do as it sounds. However, I believe that the benefits of legalizing the substance far outweigh the drawbacks. If something that has been considered an evil for so long can be turned into something good, I don't see any reason why it should not be done. Work Cited: King, Tom. "New Law Would Legalize Marijuana in Oregon." Salem-News 9 July 2008. 6Aug.2005
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