Legalization of Marijuana in California Essay

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Xiaohua ma I arguments against the legalization of marijuana in California. I think the legalization of marijuana is a bad idea.First, we have no idea how much worse the drug consumption problem might be had the country had a laissez faire policy to drug use in the past decades. Second, drug demand reduction has been successful in the last decade, particularly amongst teenagers. According to Drug Enforcement Administration statistics released for the period 2000 to 2011, meth use is down 42 percent, cocaine by 48 percent, crack by 50 percent and LSD by 50 percent. Clearly emphasis by communities on education has paid off with teens. The drugs that have not seen the same levels of decline, misused legal prescription drugs and marijuana, have a different dynamic: one is already legal, and the other has seen significant time and energy devoted to changing the perception of its image and diminishing the danger of usage. Some people think that premise usually proposed is that legalizing marijuana will reduce the level of violence perpetrated by drug-related organizations. This argument also is a fallacy. Think of the cartels as part mafia and part sophisticated multi-national corporation.While absolute marijuana sales are substantial, marijuana is only a small portion of total profits. Approximately 60 percent of illicit cartel profits come from activities other than drugs. Of the 40 percent that does come from drug related activity, there are a variety of product lines including cocaine, meth, heroin, synthetic drugs (incense and bath salts), and illegal sale of legal drugs. States that have legalized medical marijuana, such as Arizona and Oregon, are still trying to sort out this issue. What are the options for others unwillingly subjected to the stupefying second hand smoke that also is more damaging to cells and DNA than cigarette some?

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