Legalization of Marijuana Essay

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English 3 Pg. 1 Legalization of Marijuana Imagine something that could fix the economic crisis in the United States, and stop more than 500,000 crimes in America. The legalization of marijuana would solve the issues of overcrowded prisons, and provide the states and country with more than 1 billion dollars of tax money, due the taxation of marijuana. Not only that, but it will help the fight against the Mexican cartels, and deprive them of their profit. Robert Plantson, a former leader of one of the largest marijuana trafficking organizations in the 1970’s had this to say about the legalization of marijuana. “I have high hopes that the Obama administration will soon realize that for more than 70 years, the War on Marijuana has indeed been Americas dumbest war,” (Dubner) If tobacco and alcohol are legal, then why shouldn’t marijuana be, its less harmful and can do more good then bad at this time of economic crisis. Although many people say that marijuana has no true medicinal properties and that it is senile that some states are legalizing medical marijuana. Evidence shows that medical marijuana has saved the lives of many. It could be a person fighting through cancer, or something as simple as providing a man with insomnia a goodnight’s sleep. Since Marijuana is illegal there can’t be complete research on the properties and medical characteristics of marijuana. Therefore there isn’t any “proven” evidence that cannabis or Pg. 2 marijuana have no medicinal value. Most drugs and medicines are made from plants with some sort of medicinal value, and there aren’t enough discovered medical plants to make different kinds of drugs, so why have we decided to disregard marijuana? The reason many people have shut marijuana away and categorized it as a “crime or bad” thing to do, is because of the past and what society has been brainwashed into

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