Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

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Will Legalizing Marijuana Help The Economy? The Legalization of Marijuana in California has earned them 14 billion dollars a year; our country spends about 68 billion dollars on prisoners a year. One-Third of them are imprisoned for non-violent crimes. About half of these prisoners are marijuana offenders, which means one-sixth of our countries prisoners are in jail for non-violent offenses. Legalizing this drug would mean spending 11.3 billion dollars less which also means less tax dollars for the people and possibly fewer crime rates. Marijuana became a very popular drug in the teenage generation; they use it as their way of having fun. In 2008 about 14.6% of 8th graders used marijuana, 29.9% 10th graders, and 42.6% seniors. If this drug was legalized it would save the government money on prisons and also help keep drug dealers of the streets. First off, legalizing this drug would save the government over a billion dollars on prisons. “Nearly One In Eight US Drug Prisoners Are Behind Bars For Pot, Taxpayers Spending Over $1 Billion Annually To Incarcerate Pot Offenders” (Wolff 1 of 1). Others say is money saved worth the harm it may have on society. Marijuana is not a dangerous drug; it’s also used as a medical drug to help cure the sick. Many say that legalizing this drug would also reduce violence crimes, meaning the less crimes committed the fewer offenders in prison. People would rather pay their tax dollars to keep the prisoners in prison that are hurting America. The people that belong in prison are the ones killing innocent people, making people victims of a crime that don’t deserve that treatment. Marijuana is not something that is hurting this country. Legalizing this is a better way to save money on harmless people. Also, legalizing this drug would reduce the amount of drug dealers in America. “There are about 2.3 million drug dealers in prison for

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