Legalization of Immigration

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Immigration: The Argument for Legalization Rhetorical Analysis Essay Immigration: The Argument for Legalization Composition II ENG1200 S01 By: Chant’e Patterson January 20, 2015 The topic of this article is Immigration: The Argument for Legalization. The reason this article is controversial because they want to point out how immigration laws are being enforced enough to allow immigrants to work and live legally in the United States. To allow immigrants to become legalized in the United States the immigration laws needs to have open borders. Though this is a true statement and there are open borders then people should be allowed to enter and leave any country that they wish since there are state required open borders. However, many people in our countries are in favor of this immigration law of having no open borders and believe that only political refugees have a right to enter in the states which I find to be unreasonable. The effectiveness of this article is that there laws of immigration are unconstitutional and unfair. We need to have more options meaning different laws in place to make life easier for immigrants to go and come as they please but with some stipulations put in place. The author states in this article that he believes that immigrations laws should be legalized. That if states have required open borders available in there state then people should be allow to come and go as they are pleased. Also states the immigrants whom are in relationship with American citizens should be allowed to stay within in those states. Author also talks about the laws are being baked and coercion by this
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