Legalization Of Drugs In The United States

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LEGALIZATION OF DRUGS If drugs were legalized it would put the people who have the biggest opposition to it out of business and that is the drug dealers. As a result, the dealers who prey on the young adults by "pushing" drugs in our streets and schools, and the number of new addicts due to this lucrative would disappear. Much of the crimes that are related to drugs come from the addicts who need money to get their fix, not from the effects of the drugs they have taken. In fact if drugs were legalized the addict would no longer have to pay outrageous amounts for a cheap to produce product and as a result they would not have to commit a crime to obtain the money. I believe that the crimes that occur involving the drug trade…show more content…
A lot of Americans believe that Legalization of Drugs is the solution of the Drug Problem. But most Americans believe drug legalization as an invitation to drug-infested society. I believe they would be less in number than those actually "pushed" into drugs in our schools and streets by the drug-dealers, whose only lucrative business is to push people into drugs and to exploit them. These drug-dealers are totally opposed to the legalization of drugs, and it is a good sign for making them legal. Even with drugs legalized most Americans would not inject cocaine or heroine in their veins even if given the chance to do so legally. I think we can design an effective plan for legalization of drugs after the experiences with tobacco and alcohol abuse I think we should have learned something from our past experiences! This issue is a very controversial and somewhat a venture into the unknown. No government has ever tried it! It may be risky, but I believe it is worth it to try it. Drug addiction is currently a disaster and the “War on Drugs” is a complete and embarrassing failure. The only beneficiaries of the actual drug laws are the dealers, suppliers and
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