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Traci Cruz November 3, 2011 Legal Terms Checkpoint 1. Law- Is a binding custom of practice of a community. It could be a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as a binding and or enforced by a controlling authority. This could be a whole body of such customs, practices and or rules. 2. Malpractice Insurance- Can also is known has professional liability insurance which provides legal coverage for disputes that arise from the professional services. Now if the insured is sued for alleged negligence, the insurance company should provide a legal defense and pay the settlement or the court ordered award to the claimant. 3. Medical Liability Insurance- This is a contract or policy that is stipulated for consideration or premium for one party that promises to compensate the other for the loss on a specified subject. 4. Medical Examiner- This is a physician that is appointed by the governmental unit to ascertain causes of deaths, especially for those that are not occurring under natural circumstances. 5. Medical Malpractice- Is the negligent conduct or unreasonable lack of skill in the performance of a medical task, made by a physician or another party. 6. Negligence- In a particular malpractice suit the professional person could be negligent if harm to a client results from such an act or such failure to an act. 7. Plaintiff- Is an aggrieved party that brings a complaint to the civil court. 8. Public Law- Consists of branch of law that deals with the state or government and the relationship with individuals or from other governments. It could be a law this affecting the public in some way. 9. Security- A group or department that has private guards, or it could be a measure that is adopted by the government to prevent espionage, or sabotage. 10. Statutory Law- Is the body of laws that was created by the
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