Legal Studies Media Portfolio 1 Essay

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2. Victorian Law Reform Commission * Outline the role of the VLRC The role of the Victorian Law Reform Commission is to investigate issues and recommend possible changes in the law. The commission is detached from political process (no political pressure). It is not eligible to amend the law however they ensure that the law or any recommendations they make are responsive, relevant and fair to everyone in the community. The Victorian attorney-general or community law reform projects refer any issues to the commission to examine (in a statement known as a reference). The VLRC publishes reports and discussion papers to achieve the matters referred to the commission for consideration. It was established by the Victorian Parliament. * Functions * To recreate law reform recommendations on matters referred to it by the Attorney-General. * To make recommendations on minor legal issues of general community concern * To suggest to the Attorney-General that he or she refer a law reform issue to the Commission. * To coordinate and monitor law reform activity in Victoria. * To educate the community on areas of law relevant to the Commission’s work. * Structure The Victorian Law Reform Commission has a chairperson and six part-time commissioners. One or more projects are effectively worked on by each of the Commissioners in the ‘divisions’ of the Commission. The recommended reports published by the Commission allow for all the commissioners to be involved when it comes to decision making time. The government determines the terms that the Chairperson and part-time Commissioners undertake. The staff who organise and commence consultations, write, research and publish the Commission’s publications support the Commissioners. The Commissioners are supported by staff who commence and organise consultations along with research, write and publish

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