Legal Studies Drug Court Effectivness Essay

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Today ill speak discussing the creation of the NSW drug court and the success that the drug courts have made to the individual. The Drug Court of New South Wales was established on 8 of February 1999 as a two year trial operation. And is a specialist court that deals with criminal offences in which the defendant has an addiction to illicit drugs. The Court exercises both local and district court jurisdiction and has a similar status to the District Court of New South Wales. The drug court aims to assist such offenders to overcome their drug dependence and criminal offending, These courts are located in Parramatta and Toronto, in New South Wales, Australia as well as Sydney’s newly created drug court located at the Downing Centre in central Sydney opening later this year. The court executes Section 3 of the Drug Court Act 1998 which sets out the objectives which seek to be achieved these are: * Reduce the drug dependency of eligible persons * Promote the re-integration of such drug dependent persons into the community * Reduce the need for such drug dependent persons to resort to criminal activity to support their drug dependencies. The Drug court of NSW was created as drug offences were beginning to clog up all the local and district courts and there were major delays to hearings and trials. In relation According the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW) a drug offence is: * The possession or use of drugs * The commercial supply of drugs When the NSW Drug court was created there was a lot controversy as the programs were limited or no reliable such as the urine testing, as individuals were switching there urine samples with clean samples before testing. And the costs were almost similar or the same as incaseration. There was also debate as the success of rehabilitation was rather slim and not enough people were successful and much

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